Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How can you tell if what you are trying to manifest is coming to you?

Knowing when a manifestation is becoming a reality is a confusing thing for most people, mostly due to the fact that things usually get worst before they get better. Most of the time, when you are closest to receiving whatever it is you are trying to manifest, the world will throw you every curve ball imaginable (it is after all usually darkest right before the dawn).

 If you are receiving a lot of  push back from the world, in any form, whether it's people trying to discourage you, or all of a sudden - small things just aren't going your way; have no fear that simply means "the bread is done and it's time to take it out of the oven, (-_-) or more simply put it means what you have been manifesting the universe has created for you and as a result of the laws of the universe stating that for every good thing that is created the opposite or anti-thing is also simultaneously created. Push past the bad and stay positive and the bread will be presented to you as you requested it. 

If you experience the above and successfully push past it; you will find yourself at a point of feeling extreme peace and serenity which will then be followed up by feelings of extreme joy and happiness as you would  have then received your manifestation.